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Leadership Lecture Series - Merrett R. Stierheim - Shared screen with speaker view
Silvia Pereiro
good morning!
Frantz Williams
Reminds me of the phrase, "You learn more from a bad boss than a good one"
Agatha Caraballo
Mr. Stierheim interned and served as Assistant to, and Assistant City Manager in the City of Miami from 1959 to 1967; as Clearwater City Manager from 1967 to 1973; Pinellas County Administrator from 1973 to 1976; and County Manager of Miami-Dade County from 1976 to 1986 and again from 1998 to 2001.
Frantz Williams
The budgetary discrepancy was over $60million!
Frantz Williams
McDuffie Riots, May 1980
Frantz Williams
Question - Thank you so much, Mr. Stierheim for your service to our community! In your time, you faced an array of challenges. Can you reflect on how you think COVID-19 will affect local government and local, public participation?
Jephery Francis
So much knowledge on history and politics in South Florida! Very grateful for this first hand presentation!
Julio Perez
This is mesmerizing, and unfortunately I work for a government agency that resembles the school board. It's all politics and and favoritism
Julio Perez
People get positions based on cronyisms and political donations
Julio Perez
Mr. Stierheim thank you for the honest response, and I believe that many that are both democrats and republican feel the same way. It's been a disaster on all fronts
Phil Harper
Thank you for your time and sharing with us Mr. Stierheim! During your tenure as President / CEO of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau you established the first advertising fund and pushed initiatives toward safety and community awareness. With COVID-19’s impact on leisure & hospitality and the recent focus on crime / disturbance during spring break, how do you feel administration should react? Also how do you recommend we as grad students can get involved or propose projects and research?
Frantz Williams
Question: How did you take care of yourself, your own energy and prioritize the citizens of Miami Dade while facing so many challenges (such as Mariel boatlift, police brutality which spurred McDuffie Riots, a $60million budget deficit, expanding infrastructure including Metrorail and Miami Zoo)?
Salome Lim-Baro
Mr. Stierheim, yes….things look quite bleak, but what gives you hope that things will improve?
Salome Lim-Baro
Also, what advice would you give public servants, elected or otherwise so that they embody the values leaders need to serve the community better?
Frantz Williams
ICMA Code of Ethics: https://icma.org/icma-code-ethics
Julio Perez
Mr. Stierheim, I'm really interested in your book, when do you believe the book will be available for the public? I have lived through most of the events that have occurred in Miami-Dade County and remember then well.
Frantz Williams
Our FIU ICMA (International City/County Management Association) Club email is: icmafiustudents@gmail.com
Frantz Williams
Salome Lim-Baro
Thank you very much for your time, Mr. Stierheim. I appreciate it.
Mia Plagmann
Thank you very much!
Frantz Williams
THANK YOU Mr. Stierheim!!
Silvia Pereiro
Thank you!
richelle hunt
Thank you so much! We really appreciate your time.
Julio Perez
Thank You so much Mr Stierheim ! and Dr. Caraballo
Julio Perez
This was awesome