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Leadership Lecture Series - Jimmy L. Morales - Shared screen with speaker view
Evangeline Chin
There is a distinction between being an accomplished lawyer and a public administrator. What made you decide on public service?
Agatha Caraballo
NY Times Corner Office - https://www.nytimes.com/column/corner-office
Yolaine Chirino
What's the worst job decision you ever made? What did you learn from it?
Kevin Gonzalez
What kind of protocols do you have in place regarding the electoral process during the course of the COVID 19 pandemic?
Shara Henderson
With the abundance of information, issues and the resent developments in today’s climate. Which policy or procedure has been most beneficial the community the most?
Jacob Marrero Torres
How difficult has execution in government been for you over the years? any factors that have helped you and or affected your strategic execution.
Agatha Caraballo
Make a plan to vote - visit vote.fiu.edu
Phil Harper
Being that hospitality, leisure and entertainment play a large role for many cities in south Florida, are there any particular projects, initiatives or organizations that work towards resolving issues and problems? (For example Hannah Spurlock as Ft. Lauderdale’s Nightime economy manager)
Phil Harper
Also have you seen or how would you recommend grad students propose project or initiatives with the hospitality leisure and entertainment sector?
Amanda Knapp
As a Miami Beach resident for over 10 years, I have seen positive changes in our flooding issues, thanks to the current Rising Above program. How does Miami Beach plan to address these issues in the decades to come?
Evangeline Chin
How has your law background help you to make or change policies in your city?
Nicole Schummer
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Yolaine Chirino
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Melissa Padron
Thank you so much for everything
Meagan Rivera
I am an intern with the Environment and Sustainability Department and I love it!
Michael Madrigal
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